4 sessions at R 2 500

  • 1 hour

Service Description

COACHING PLAN Step 1: Contracting The coach will first have an initial meeting with the client and discuss the proposal, coaching expectation, process and agree on timings and expected outcomes. Step 2: Assessment and Identifying Strengths The coach will carry out an assessment through comprehensive coaching tools in the coaches tool kit to engage with the client and collect information about the clients, challenges and values which drive them personally and professionally. In this session 1, three inspiring, powerful goals are set by the client. Step 3: Strategies and Plan of Action In session (2), the coach will define 6-7 milestones for each of the 3 goals. An action plan(s) will be mutually discussed between coach and client for each goal, with specific dates that are realistic to reach these goals, accountability for completing these actions will also be discussed to ensure that the client meets these goals. The coach will support the client in the best way possible to reach his/her goal. Step 4: Monitoring progress & adjusting & support In the sessions (4-6), the coach will track progress of the milestones and actions and if the plan is not producing intended results, the client will adjust his/her plan accordingly. At this point, the client is welcome to also address any dilemmas that may impede his/her growth and performance and the coach will use the session to address the dilemma and come up with the best solution using the thinking design strategy. The review model will be applied at this stage Step 5: Complete The client will celebrate achieving his goal which is part of the process and coach will review the clients coaching journey up until achieving his/her goal and lessons learned and insights gained during the process will be analysed.

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